Our Story

My Grandfather passed away 2 years ago in Armenia. He was 90 years old. Till the very last day he was in clear mind, his body was declining though. He was experiencing general health problems.

When he went to the doctor for the last time, the doctor simply refused to see him. My grandfather overheard the doctor saying to my aunt that he was not going to “waste his time on seeing a 90 year old man”.

I know that was the very moment when my grandfather gave up on life. He invited all the family for the last time to celebrate the togetherness, closeness, and sharing of great memories and lived only 11 days after that. That is when I realized what I wanted to do. I decided that I would make it my goal to provide care, compassion and comfort to people who need it, without regard to their age, diagnosis, sex orientation, race or religion. That was the reason I decide to start a hospice care agency together with my family members who share my inspiration.

Narine Chobanyan
Empire Hospice Care Inc.


Providing the difference
Empire Hospice Care provides 24 hour/7 day a week hospice care to patients with terminal illnesses as well as providing emotional support to their families. Our professional staff has been trained in providing a personalized approach to hospice care that focuses directly on patient comfort, pain management, family support, spiritual healing, dignity and peaceful transition during the final stages of life. It is our goal to provide our patients with a daily quality of life all while allowing them to be in the comfort of their home surrounded by loving friends, family, and the Empire Hospice Care staff.
At Empire Hospice Care, We Add Life To Everyday by:


Treating the patient and not the illness
We provide all the necessary medical and support services to manage our patient’s terminal illness at home, nursing home or assisted living facility. We emphasize patient comfort as well as pain and symptom management in order to increase their overall quality of life.
We provide all prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, medical equipment and any other supplies required to treat our patients and make them more comfortable through the end-of-life process.
Promoting patient comfort, dignity and family support.


Promoting patient comfort, dignity and family support
We provide residential care in patient’s homes and have established partnerships with long-term care facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and residential care facilities for the elderly to make sure their hospice care is in the most tranquil and relaxing space that fits their comfort level.

Our well developed and customized hands-on methodology of treatment focuses on the patient’s emotional and physical needs while still making sure that their comfort is prioritized and sustained.
We provide multiple shifts of hospice care from our professional Empire Hospice Care staff in the patient’s home 24/7 so the patient can avoid being transferred to a hospital.


Provide respite care for the patients’ primary caregiver
Our staff is on call 24/7, including holidays. Our patients can’t take a break from being sick, so we don’t take a break from providing care.
Our bereavement program allows us to prepare family members for their loss and provide resources such as personal counseling and guidance.


Our Core Team consist of the following:
Medical, Nursing services, medical social services, as well as spiritual and personal counseling. Our core hospice services are routinely provided directly by each of our hospice employees. Supplemental services may be contracted in order to meet unusual staffing needs that cannot be anticipated, to better serve the needs of our hospice patients.

Other services may be provided under arrangement with the express authorization of the hospice, the manner in which the contracted services are coordinated, supervised, and evaluated by the hospice, the delineation of the role(s) of the hospice and the contractors in the admission process, patient/family assessment, and the interdisciplinary group care conferences, the requirements for documenting that services are furnished in accordance with the agreement and the qualifications of the personnel providing the services.