The hospice philosophy of care accepts death as the final stage of life by following the natural course given and focuses on bringing patient comfort, self-fulfillment and tranquility throughout the entire process. Hospice emphasizes on the quality of life each day within our care rather than focusing on the patient’s length of life. Patients are encouraged to participate in stimulating activities that peak their interest in order to keep their spirits full and bountiful, all while being surrounded by friends and family in their most comfortable surroundings during their final days and weeks. Hospice encourages life and allows the natural course of death to take place without any intervention other than the provided medicine and care.

At Empire Hospice Care we are committed to the value of life and we work hard to make sure that each of our hospice patients are living every day to the best of their ability. We focus on treating people as a whole and not just their illnesses, through the use of many different therapies and approaches so that they not only receive help with pain and discomfort but with spiritual and psychological healing as well. Our terminally ill patients are given effective, compassionate end-of-life care within the comfort of their own home, nursing home or assisted living facility and our personalized method of treatment emphasizes patient comfort and promotes dignity and family support during the last stages of life.