Empire Hospice Care Inc. is conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles County.

We are here to serve your needs by alleviating your pain.
while providing you and your family support at the end of life.

Why Us

At Empire Hospice Care we are committed to the value of life and we work hard to make sure that each of our hospice patients are living every day to the best of their ability. We focus on treating people as a whole and not just their illnesses. Through the use of many different therapies and approaches we are able to provide help with pain and discomfort as well as spiritual and psychological healing. Our terminally ill patients are given effective, compassionate end-of-life care within the comfort of their own home, nursing home or assisted living facility. Our personalized method of treatment emphasizes patient comfort and promotes dignity and family support during the last stages of life.


Empire Hospice Care Inc. provides an individualized program of physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical care for our patients in the last phases of a life-limiting illness, with an emphasis on control of pain and other symptoms. Our programs emphasize comfort and dignity for the dying, making it possible for them to remain independent for as long as possible, in familiar surroundings. Our hospice care is centered on both the patient and family/caregiver. Our highly excellent and professional hospice personnel respect and respond to the unique differences in family/caregiver lifestyles, values, and wishes.

Our Story

My Grandfather passed away 2 years ago in Armenia. He was 90 years old. Till the very last day he was in clear mind, his body was declining though. He was experiencing general health problems.
When he went to the doctor for the last time, the doctor simply refused to see him. My grandfather overheard the doctor saying to my aunt that he was not going to “waste his time on seeing a 90 year old man”.
I know that was the very moment when my grandfather gave up on life. He invited all the family for the last time to celebrate the togetherness, closeness, and sharing of great memories and lived only 11 days after that.

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